To corporative clients

To corporative clients

We invite you to our sanatorium on the "Weekend Tour"! 


«Weekend tour ”is a unique opportunity to rest from the city rush, change the situation, throw off the accumulated fatigue and improve your health as soon as possible.. 

мини-бассейнсанаторий Березка 14

The tour program lasting from 2 to 5 days includes:

БюветДвухместный номерШведский стол

- accommodation in comfortable rooms;

- 4 meals a day on the principle of "buffet" in the dining room of the sanatorium;

- drinking natural mineral water from the sanatorium's pump room;

- daily visit to the spa complex of the sanatorium without time limit;

- daily visit to the FITNES-center of the sanatorium without time limit;

- participation in cultural and sporting and recreational events;

-free, unlimited Wi-Fi;

- free use; basketball / volleyball court, beach volleyball court, table tennis table, as well as sports equipment (balls, rackets);

- free bike rental (adults, teenagers, children).

санаторий Березка

You can come to us at any time, it is not necessary to wait for the weekend. For employees of JSC "Belaruskali" and members of their families discount!

After a rest in our sanatorium, you can return to your everyday life rested, full of energy and positive emotions!

Learn more and book a tour by phone: +375 174 25 67 69, +375 174 25 67 18, +375 44 795 92 18.

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