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Lameiko Irina Aleksandrovna, 01.07.2018

I am pleased to thank the whole team of the sanatorium "Berezka" for a great time from 22/12/2017 to 12/01/2018 in the sanatorium. Very impressed with the transformations after reconstruction. It's nice that the backbone of the team has been preserved, and at the same time, the appearance of new, young faces of the staff is pleasing to the eye. The quality of accommodation, service, treatment, rehabilitation - all at the highest level. The advantage of the buffet food is certainly at the height - the quality of the decoration, the food, the variety of dishes is beyond praise. Love the spa complex. Very comfortable room (№206). Unobtrusive, comfortable service. The work of the cultural organizer is beyond praise - a lot and for every taste of events and concerts; VIA "Carousel" is very pleased with the variety of repertoire, both musical and poetry. Thank! I really want the administration to particularly celebrate and encourage the workers who worked during the holidays - they made our New Year and Christmas just magical !!! I wish 100% filling, grateful holidaymakers! Peace, good and all the best!


Bunas Liliya Anatolyevna, 12.29.2017

I want to express my great gratitude to Denis Sergeevich Kiselev, a methodologist in physical culture, for his attentive attitude to the visitors of the fitness room, for his high professionalism in his work. Very responsibly and with a soul relates to his work. I want to thank him for the results that I achieved thanks to Denis Sergeevich. More such professionals in the business.


Hralovich Elena Anatolyevna, 12.26.2017

I want to thank Elena Nikolaevna, the fourth floor maid, for her attentive, good attitude to the guests. A big thanks to the mud therapy department for a very attentive and caring attitude to the guests.


Alkhovik Nadezhda Mikhailovna, 12.24.2017

I want to express my great gratitude for the excellent service to the whole team of the sanatorium and directly: Dmitry Vasilyevich - to the massage therapist. An excellent specialist, a master of his craft and at the same time you can talk with him on any topic;

Galina Semenovna - baths, sincere person, does everything for comfort and good mood.

In general, people who know their business and decent work here. I am a pensioner and I think still to visit your sanatorium.


V.Lukina, 12.20.2017

I am very grateful to all attendants, doctors, nurses, the canteen for a tasty varied menu, for every taste.

The rooms cleanliness, comfort, daily cleaning, diligent work of the maids.

Grateful to the senior maid Svetlana Adamovna Ivanova, it is the team working together under her leadership.

Our sanatorium updated beauty. The elevator works, it is very convenient for pensioners, people with disabilities who have given all their health to production. I am very grateful to the chief doctor of the sanatorium “Berezka” Alexey Alexandrovich Beresnevich, he sympathizes with the pensioners and the disabled, thanks to him for everything. Happy New Year 18 congratulations. Health to all, we wish you success in your hard work.

SOF-1 RU, collective of pensioners.


Loban Valery Aleksandrovich, 12.19.2017

All liked it. I express my gratitude to all the staff of "Berezka". All with the upcoming New Year 2018, all the best and fulfillment of the cherished wishes. See you, “Berozka”!


12.14.2017 Burak Alexander Mikhailovich

I express my gratitude for the pleasant time spent in the sanatorium «Berozka». The quality of services has changed for the better, as well as the comfort of living. I would like to note the high-quality work and friendliness of the staff of the sanatorium, and especially I thank Tsygankov Galina Semyonovna (baths), Splender Tamara (hydromassage) for the highly qualified service, courtesy and wish success in work.


 12.08.2017 Pigamova Ogulbakhar Kerimberdievna

Turkmenistan, Mari

I express my gratitude to the staff of the sanatorium “Berozka” for the high service culture. Special thanks to the doctor - Shag Natalia Yakovlevna, the employee of the reservation booking department - Olga. Congratulations to the staff of the sanatorium "Berezka" with the upcoming New 2018 year.


 11.21.2017 Golos Lyudmila Leonidovna

I want to thank Chukhleb Julia Alekseevna Mud and honey. Natalia Nikolayevna Prokopovich, sister of physiotherapy, for providing services in taking procedures. The girls are very attentive, affectionate. Professionals in their field. Always went to them with pleasure.
Please encourage financially. More such workers .


Golos Lyudmila Leonidovna, Kovalishina Galina 21.11.2017  

We express our gratitude to the maids of the 2nd floor of Sergeyeva Galina Alexandrovna and Shchesnovich Valentina Aleksandrovna for the quality cleaning of the room, as well as for their good nature and attentive attitude towards us. Well done girls! They work all day like bees.

Everything is cleaned and clean everywhere. Please encourage material workers.


November 15, 2017. Mr. Paul Rhinelander. Germany, Am Eichoffpark 1, 44783 Bochum

The hotel offers excellent accommodation in a picturesque quiet location. Well equipped modern rooms. Responsive staff. Rest left unforgettable impressions.

P.S. For the comfort of guests, you should expand the package of TV channels and add channels to foreign languages.

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November 15, 2017, Mr. Karl-Heinz Rieser, Germany, Am Eikhoffpark 1, 44783 Bochum

The hotel is located in a very picturesque place on the lake. Nice rooms with modern furniture. Friendly and helpful staff. The staff also speaks good English. You can have a good rest. Recommend.


 Collective review - Pilkevich Maria Fedorovna et al. (10 people) 11.14.2017

From the rest of the sanatorium "Berozka" express deep gratitude procedural honey. Horashchenya's sister, Irina Nikolaevna, for her attentive attitude to her work, to the vacationers.
She has a cordial attitude towards people. Everyone will calm, support. Irina Nikolaevna helps her vacationers with her professional actions. We thank her very much for her golden hands.


Kuchina Galina Andreevna 04.11.2017

Very grateful for the excellent service to all staff of the sanatorium. I wish to flourish in the future..


Kazantseva Lyubov Nikiforovna 10.27.2017

I express my gratitude for the quality service, attention. In general, thank you very much.
And I thank all the staff. Including Katerina (mud therapy) and the marketing department, spa reception administrators and dormitory administrators.


Sechko Mikhail Ivanovich 10.23. 2017

We express our gratitude to the workers of the canteen, cooks for tasty and high-quality food, waitresses for their reception and good service. The maids of the 3rd floor are a separate thank you for their warm welcome and quality cleaning, thanks honey. staff for timely reception of procedures, quality service, fitness and spa complexes. There should be at least three therapists, we hope in the future this will fix everything. Further prosperity. thank!


Smirnova V.S. 10.22.2017

I want to thank all the employees of the sanatorium "Berezka" for a wonderful holiday.
Thank you so much Sak E.N. for a great hydromassage and its professionalism.
Thanks to the maid girls for the cleanliness they give us every day.
I would like fruit and kefir to be given at a certain time from the diet, i.e. snack and evening - kefir.
Thank you very much!!!
Be all healthy and you smiles.


Ilyin Ivan and Zhanna 09.28.2017

We want to thank the music hosts Anton, Inga and Alexander in organizing cultural events. Thank you for creating fun and good mood for people.
Our wishes to managers: to update the song repertoire in karaoke and improve the equipment.
We would like to express gratitude to the staff of the canteen: Pisarik Y.A., Bogacheva EK, Kurlovich N.N., Samokhval N.E., barmenam Illyuschits OV and Tamashevich S.V. for friendly smiles, responsiveness, for the ability to communicate with people and an individual approach. The best shift.
We wish you grateful visitors and good mood.
Спасибо! Удачи Вам!

 ОТЗЫВ 5-1

Kesel L.P. 09.25.2017

We, Soligores, have been waiting for your sanatorium for a long time! And you, “Berozka”, surprised us !!! Everything is the best: food, service. The staff is attentive, young beautiful! Keep it up!


ТKachenko S.M., Lapotko I.G., 1. 09.2017

We thank the leadership of Belaruskali and the sanatorium Berezka, for the opportunity to spend time in the SPA salon, and the opportunity to have a wonderful rest and get healthier. Thanks to the attentive staff. We will definitely advise you to relax in the SPA center to your colleagues, OJSC Kupalinka and Soligorsk TsRB.


Kulevskaya Olga Dmitrievna, 08.31.2017 

Many thanks to the administrators at the reception. At the first appeal, all issues were professionally resolved. More such employees. Special thanks to Tsarenkova Xenia, Savitskaya Tatiana. Very pleasant and kind staff. Thank you very much!!! 

Also very grateful for the work of the dining room workers. In particular, Samokhval, Kurlovich and Bogachyova. We were always greeted with a smile, very kind, helpful, best shift. Thank you for your service.!!!


Novik Tatyana and Vyacheslav, 09.18.2017 

We would like to thank the catering staff for the excellent service, quality of food and excellent atmosphere.
Special thanks to the administrator Pisarik Y., waiters E. Bogacheva, N. Samokhval, N. Kurlovich for the ability to communicate with people, friendly smiles and an individual approach. We wish you a good mood and grateful visitors. Good luck and prosperity! 

I would like to thank the organizers of cultural events. Thank you for creating good mood, joy and fun for people..
The leaders would like to help the children in carrying out such difficult events as karaoke - to improve the equipment and update the repertoire!
Until new meetings Berozka!!!


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