High Tone Therapy

High Tone Therapy – this is the newest method of treatment, which is one of the most modern types of physiotherapy. High-tone therapy with the HiTop 4 device is an innovative trend in the development of electrotherapy. The therapeutic effect of HiToP-therapy is achieved not by simple electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves, but by launching a cascade of intracellular reactions.

High-tone therapy at the same time combines electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser therapy, and therefore it is many times more effective than them and allows you to treat a number of diseases previously unavailable for classical electrotherapy.

It is perfect for strengthening the body, and helps to recover from injuries, fractures and sprains, in the treatment of chronic pain syndrome and various diseases of the joints and dorsopathies.

High frequencies trigger a whole range of intracellular processes, and as a result, the metabolism is activated, toxins are removed from the cells and they “rejuvenate”, increasing their energy potential. Immunity is strengthened, resistance to diseases increases, and all body functions are normalized.

In addition, after a course of high-tone therapy, the body copes more easily with overloads, stresses and chronic diseases, as all organs and systems are activated - the so-called “vitalization” occurs, that is, the “revitalization” of the body.

And a pleasant aesthetic “bonus” of high-tone therapy is that free fatty acids are separated from fat molecules, which serve as a source of body energy. When this occurs, the "burning" of not only subcutaneous, but also of internal fat, which even increased exercise and myostimulation do not help to get rid of.

Price: 10,80 BYN

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