Бассейн СПА комплекса

In today's world people are under constant stress to cope with the crazy pace of urban life. To stay healthy, it is necessary to find a way to tune out from the existing problems and relax. 

Our SPA centre is a place where you can get into the atmosphere of quietness and harmony. Here you will be able to feel like in a different world, to recover your health and beauty, charge your vital energy and rejuvenate the body. For the first time in the Republic of Belarus we integrated the SPA system “Sp.a_system by Starpool”. It opens all the features of the SPA culture of our health resort and helps our guests to achieve the maximum effect from the SPA centre visit by the type of impact on the body. 


The way you choose to use SPA system offers the best possible sequence to achieve your goal:

 - relaxing (for those who wants to get rid of stress, chronic fatigue and mental stress);

 - detoxification (for those who takes care of their face and body);

 - emotional awakening (for those who wants to be charged with energy and power);

 - toning (for those who wants to keep the body in top notch condition and in great shape).

санаторий Березка2 мини-бассейн массажные столы приват СПА

A SPA visit is always a small feast for the soul and body. We do everything to make our guests forget about everything during this visit, let them relax and enjoy the tactile sensations. A special atmosphere in the SPA centre is created thanks to environment, aromatherapy and music harmony.

 Рецепция SPA-комплекса  санаторий Березка 13 Джакузи

Our SPA procedures combine modern science and folk traditions, art and skills of our specialists. They are aimed to harmonize the soul and body. It should be noted that all the SPA procedures have a positive impact on the overall health, significantly improve metabolism, help to remove toxins from the body, better blood circulation.

Another one advantage is that the SPA procedures are suitable almost for everyone. As a preventive measure they are also necessary for healthy people. They eliminate the effects of stress, ailments, help in weight loss and have a beautifying effect.

Our health resort is equipped with various modern medical and sports equipment. It is a guarantee that our guests will obtain high quality service at a pleasant price. 

We will be pleased to welcome the most demanding guests, familiar with the SPA procedures, but also those who have yet to discover the world of new sensations.  We are sure that each our guest will be able to choose a suitable service and use it immediately.

We will be glad to see you in our sanatorium!

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