Bath hall № 1

Bath hall № 1

In the bath hall number 1 are located:

1.    Mediterranean Terme

2.    infrared sauna

3.    mineral water pool

4.    shower of impressions

5.    Sunlit lawn horizontal ceiling solarium

Mediterranean Terme

Средиземноморская терма

Having come here, the guest plunges into the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. A visitor to the Mediterranean baths immediately feels beneficial and refreshing and feels salty in the mouth. This is due to the fact that the steam in this bath is saturated with salt, like air on the coast. In addition, it becomes easier to breathe through the nose, as modern medicine confirms the positive effect of salt baths on respiratory diseases. A visit to a bath with salt steam can be an important resort factor for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and chronic respiratory diseases for prophylaxis while susceptible to infectious diseases alleviate allergic symptoms. The temperature in this bath is 45-50 ° C, humidity: 55-65%. 

Infrared sauna

Инфракрасная саунаThe infrared sauna is a therapeutic cabin, which is made of high quality Canadian cedar. The main therapeutic factor is infrared radiation, which comes from ceramic tubes, the number of which depends on the model of the infrared sauna.

Infrared radiation is absolutely safe for human health. It practically does not heat the air, but it heats the surrounding objects and the human body well.

The procedure in the infrared sauna is much better tolerated than traditional baths and saunas, so there are much fewer contraindications to it. The maximum temperature in such a sauna does not exceed 65 degrees.

This sauna, as well as the usual bath, causes excessive sweating, as a result of which the body is cleansed, as through toxins and slags are removed from it. However, if while in a bath, the sweat contains 95% water and 5% solids (harmful substances, cholesterol, fat, toxins and slags), then the sweat released by infrared radiation contains 80% water and 20% solids. At the same time, the body temperature in such a sauna rises by more than 1 degree, imitating the conditions of the body's fight against infection. It activates the body’s immune system and increases its resistance to various viruses. 

Warm mineral water minipool

мини-бассейнAfter the bathing procedures, you can relax in the mini pool with warm mineral water from your own source. This procedure can be called “the waterfall of good mood”. It reminds us of the waves of the sea, powerfully rolling on the shore. Already from the name it follows that in the process of this SPA procedure on the human body water is pumped in a cascade. It seems that a person lies on the shore and is washed by the surf, which gives vivacity and refreshment.

A shower of impressions is a way of healing through water. This is a unique combination of water, light, sound and smell, which can cause a whole range of unforgettable sensations. The main element of this SPA procedure is water, which, depending on a given program, can flow like buckets, resemble warm tropical rain, severe storm or warm summer rain. Large and heavy drops of water massage the body, light rain moisturizes the skin, contrasting temperature programs give vigor.

The alternation of hot and cold temperatures (contrasting effects) improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. Cooling after hot procedures provides a rush of blood to the skin and internal organs, helps to cleanse the body of toxins and closes the pores. A shower of impressions can cause a surge of vitality and strength, or vice versa, a pleasant relaxation. 

"Sun Lawn"

"Солнечная лужайка"

"Sun Lawn" – the latest development in the production of solariums. This is a unique complex created by a German company and currently the most useful and harmless equipment for taking artificial sunbathing. Light sources are located at a height of two meters and tanning occurs at a distance.

A variety of studies have shown that regular sessions of procedures carried out using the "Solar Lawn", allow you to:

  • Get a healthy tan - fast and harmless. Due to the soft ultraviolet rays, there is instantaneous pigmentation, because instead of the active production of melanin, which is characterized by the usual tanning process, the Solar Lawn induces the transfer of already produced melanin to the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • heal the skin from diseases (acne, neurodermatitis, etc.);
  • normalize blood pressure and improve blood circulation;
  • stimulate healthy bone growth and prevent osteoporosis. The body is saturated with vitamin D, which is produced during exposure to sunlight on the skin and is an important component of the absorption of calcium by the body;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • rejuvenate and strengthen the skin, thanks to the activated production of collagen;
  • improve the nervous system and relieve stress;
  • fill with energy and get rid of fatigue.

Thus, in our bath hall number 1 there is everything to become a favorite place for the recovery of our beautiful ladies.


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