Bath hall № 2

Bath hall № 2

дорожка кнейпапаровая кабинадуши

In the bath hall №2 are located: 

  • Finnish sauna, 

  • steam room, 

  • ice fountain, 

  • Kneipp path. 

In contrast to the bath hall №1, here are collected procedures that are in demand, first of all, the representatives of the stronger sex. 

The bath complex is one of the main parts of any SPA. After all, a bath as a way to promote health and combat various ailments is the custom of many nations. Scientists have proven that a rationally constructed bath procedure is akin to sports training. In the steam room, the load on the cardiovascular system and other organs gradually increases. Bath increases the body's resistance to cold, strengthens blood vessels, expands and thoroughly cleanses the pores of the whole body, removes dead skin cells. No, even the most effective cosmetic mask can not replace the bath. After several visits, the physiological properties of the skin are improved, the fat metabolism is normalized, and the blood supply is improved. Due to abundant perspiration, oxidative processes are activated — proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and microelements are better absorbed, which contributes to weight loss to a great extent. During the bath procedure, you can lose up to 1.5 liters of sweat, with which the final products of metabolism - salt, urea, etc.


финская баня

Temperature: 80 ° C - 110 ° C max.

Humidity: 10-20%

Duration of stay: 10-15 minutes.

It promotes health and the fight against various ailments, increases resistance organism to cold, strengthens blood vessels, promotes thorough cleansing of pores, removal dead skin cells, improving its appearance, improves blood circulation.

Due to abundant perspiration, oxidative processes are activated by better assimilated proteins, fats, carbohydrates, microelements, which in no small measure contributes to weight loss. During the bath procedure, perspiration is activated, with which the final products of metabolism — salts, urea, toxins, etc. — are removed.


паровая кабинаTemperature: 48 ° C max.

Humidity: 98%

Stay: 20 minutes max.

Here you can experience all the benefits of exposure to steam on the body. Eucalyptus flavored steam is mixed with air and evenly distributed throughout the cabin.

Thanks to a couple, the body relaxes, rheumatic pains are reduced, the skin is softened and moisturized. A positive effect is also achieved in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

ICE FOUNTAIN and Kneipp Path

ледяной фонтан

ледяной фонтан Ice fountain is used for contrasting procedures after a bath. Small scales of ice can wipe the body, face, use them for local cooling. The ice fountain relieves stress and anxiety, tones and strengthens the skin and blood vessels, stimulates the lymph flow and blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and gives an unprecedented cheerfulness after visiting a bath or sauna. Will give unforgettable feelings to fans of extreme sports, as well as adherents of hardening.

The Kneipp path is a water path consisting of small trays, with contrasting - cold (10-12 degrees) and hot (30-40 degrees) water. It is necessary to slowly and smoothly, fully lifting the foot out of the water to alternate between one bath and another.

Due to the contrast of water, blood circulation is improved, the flow of oxygen to the cells increases, which activates metabolic processes, and starts the process of purification and cell regeneration in the body, strengthens the hearts and blood vessels, and improves well-being.

This procedure is very useful and pleasant, combines hardening and additionally stimulates the reflex points located on the feet.

Dr. Kneipp's methods are used as healthy people for hardening, stress relief, fatigue, and people with symptoms of various diseases.

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