Private SPA

Privat-SPA will give a special feeling of comfort for people who value freedom and do not like public rest. In an isolated bath hall in the structure of the SPA complex with a capacity of up to 4 people, all conditions have been created to relax in a narrow company and forget about the problems. It features an infrared sauna, spa cabin, double jacuzzi bath. 

Джакузи приват-СПА

приват СПАSpa cabin (SweetSpa) with built-in welness modes.

This is a truly unique space for rest in body and soul, characterized by high technology and versatility.

A simple touch to the Sweet SPA panel allows you to perform the following functions:

Steam bath (45-48ºС, 98% - humidity) with heated seat up to 39ºС, exotic showers of impressions - Rain or Breeze, built-in hygienic shower, music therapy, chrome and aromatherapy system.

Breeze - cool drizzle with combined chromotherapy (blue) and mint essence;

Rain - warm tropical rain with chromotherapy combined (orange) and passion fruit extract;

Wellness procedures:

Relax - Relaxation. Romantic SPA procedure for private rest and relaxation. Relaxing sounds of music, gentle blue light accompaniment, tangerine flavors create a truly romantic atmosphere.

Tonic - Tonization. Designed for people with a busy rhythm of life. It contributes to the rapid restoration of strength, giving the body tone, filling it with vital energy.

Purify - Purification. Detoxification and delicate skin cleansing program. It promotes the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body, better absorption of cosmetics. Relieves nervous tension, improves mood, normalizes sleep.

Excite - Impression. The program of impressions has a powerful energy effect. The products recommended for this program soften, moisturize and perfectly nourish the skin. Musk has an active effect on the sense of smell, filling the body with strength and energy.

Инфракрасная сауна приват СПА 

The infrared sauna is a therapeutic cabin, which is made of high quality Canadian cedar. The main therapeutic factor is infrared radiation, which comes from ceramic tubes, the number of which depends on the model of the infrared sauna.

Infrared radiation is a special form of energy that is close to the visible red spectrum of light. People cannot see him, but they can feel it as warm. Its primary source is the sun.

This radiation has nothing to do with ultraviolet and radiation, and is absolutely safe for human health. It practically does not heat the air, but it heats the surrounding objects and the human body well.

The procedure in the infrared sauna is transferred much better than traditional baths and saunas, where there is a large load on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, contraindications to it are much smaller. The maximum temperature in such a sauna does not exceed 65 degrees.

This procedure tends to dry the skin a little, so it is recommended for some skin diseases. In addition, infrared heat significantly increases blood flow in organs and tissues, their oxygen supply increases, and arterial pressure decreases. The body relaxes, the psychological well-being improves, sleep is normalized.

This sauna, as well as the usual bath, causes excessive sweating, as a result of which the body is cleansed, as through toxins and slags are removed from it. However, if while in a bath, the sweat contains 95% water and 5% solids (harmful substances, cholesterol, fat, toxins and slags), then the sweat released by infrared radiation contains 80% water and 20% solids. At the same time, the body temperature in such a sauna rises by more than 1 degree, imitating the conditions of the body's fight against infection. It activates the body's immune system and increases its resistance to various viruses.

In addition, guests of Privat-SPA can fully enjoy all components of the SPA complex.. 

массажные столы приват СПА

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