Wellness procedures

Wellness procedures


To ensure security and law and order in the territory of the sanatorium "Berezka" there is a pass regime.  For the initial visit to the sanatorium "Berozka" in order to obtain services, you must submit  a PASSPORT!

To re-receive services in a sanatorium, you must submit any identity document (passport or copy, military ID, driver's license, pass). 

You can view and download documents: Regulations on Gift Certificatesах  и Regulations on subscriptions Berezka        

We will be glad to see you in our sanatorium!

Wellness procedures: 



Name of the paid health services

Procedure description

Unit of measurement

Service cost with VAT, rub.


Massage chair

A variety of health massage techniques will pleasantly surprise you. Infrared warming up of the waist, vibration, patting, kneading will make the massage session more effective and complete. Massage, carried out by a massage chair, helps to normalize the metabolic process in the body, is an excellent prevention of diseases of the joints and blood vessels, neuroses, lymph stagnation. 10 минут 4,00

Dry aqua massage

 Dry massage is recommended for both healthy people and those suffering from various diseases. It is important to note that in the presence of minor lesions on the skin or varicose veins, you can do an aqua massage in a remote area (chest, collar or lumbar). Read more ... procedure 8,00

Dry float

procedure 10,00



In order for the skin to acquire an attractive bronze color, it is not necessary to spend long hours in the hot sun. Modern tanning beds are not inferior to natural sunbathing.             1 minute
       2 minutes  2,81
       3 minutes  3,08
       4 minutes  3,36

 5 minutes
       6 minutes  3,93
       7 minutes  4,17
       8 minutes  4,45
       9 minutes  4,72
       10 minutes  4,99
       11 minutes  5,26
       12 minutes  5,54
       13 minutes  5,81
       14 minutes  6,08
       15 minutes  6,35
       16 minutes  6,63
       17 minutes  6,90
       18 minutes  7,17
       19 minutes  7,44
       20 minutes  7,71

Private SPA

private bath room in the structure of the SPA complex for up to 4 people, equipped with two massage tables, an infrared sauna, a spa cabin, a double bath         180 minutes

for 1 person 44,00

for 2 people 65,00

for 3 people 92,00

for 4 people 118,00



(general cryotherapy) for up to 2 people
During a cryotherapy session, the patient's skin temperature instantly drops to 0 ° C, and then, due to the intensity of the peripheral circulation, rises to 35 ° C. This is reflected in the sensations as follows: when the camera is turned on, it is a little cool at first, and then it feels like snow, but pleasant. In general, if a person perceives cold normally, then the procedure, contrary to popular belief, should not cause discomfort. A stay in the cryosauna does not exceed 3 minutes. Read more ... на 1 человека 10,00

SPA area

A visit to a spa is always a small celebration for body and soul. We do everything so that our guests forget about everything during the procedures, relax, enjoy tactile sensations. A special atmosphere in the spa complex is created thanks to the harmonious combination of interior, aromatherapy, music. Read more ...

SPA complex, made up of a pool, a sauna complex (Finnish, Mediterranean, steam room, ice shower, Kneipp paths, impression ceiling shower, cascade shower, horizontal solarium, two Jacuzzi bathtubs on the open terrace, hydro-baiting, Charcot shower, dry Floating (Nuvola) lounge               

 Monday - Thursday 
1 visit

1 visit

adults (18+)     30,00 
1 visit
teenagers (14-17 years old)   23,00
1 visit
 children (4 - 13 years old) 21,40


 friday-sunday and holidays 

1 visit

1 visit

 adults (18+)  32.00
1 visit  teenagers (14-17 years old)  26.00
1 visit  children (4 - 13 years old)  21,40
 Spa zone for 1 month - 4 visits to the complex  adults (18+) 108,00 
  teenagers (14-17 years old)   82,80   
  children (4 - 13 years old)  75,60
Spa zone for 3 months - 12 visits to the complex
  adults (18+) 324,00
 teenagers (14-17 years old) 234,60
 children (4 - 13 years old)  214,20
 Spa zone for 6 month - 24 visits to the complex adults (18+)
 teenagers (14-17 years old)    441,60
 дети (4 - 13 лет)    403,20

Water aerobics



      1 занятие                 6,00
      4 занятия     22,00
      8 classes                38,00
      12 classes              55,00

A fitness center

unaccompanied instructor
The fitness center with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters is equipped with equipment from one of the European leaders in the production of sports and rehabilitation simulators from the Italian company Technogym, which will satisfy the most demanding fitness lover. Read more ... 1 занятие 7,00
     Subscription for 1 month  8 classes 49,00

Subscription for 1 month  12 classes 70,00
     Абонемент на 3 месяца  24 12 classes 133,00
3 month subscription  36 занятий  196,00
6 month subscription 72 classes 364,00
  with instructor accompaniment  One-time lesson with one person 1 lesson  17,00
     Subscription for 1 month    8 12 classes  119,00
     Subscription for 1 month    12 занятий  170,00
     3 month subscription    24 12 classes  323,00
     3 month subscription    36 12 classes  476,00
 XI. Oxygen cocktail  500 мл 1,55
Cosmetic wrap  Wrapping procedures are included in the spa program, being effective and beneficial to the skin and the body as a whole. Most importantly, because of this, recently this procedure has been highly demanded, & nbsp; - anti-cellulite effect and fat reduction.    
     CHOCOLATE   1 procedure  40
     LINEN  1 procedure  39
     GRAPE   1 procedure  44
     Ginger  1 procedure  43
     DIRT-ALUMINUM  1 procedure  39,50

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